Troop 750 Scoutmasters

Tom Ogletree

Henry Thornburgh

Franklin Haman

Jim Vaughn

Bert Ogletree

Tom Sprayberry

Iuveni Gutierez

Warren L. Wright (current)

troop 750 eagle scouts

Curt LeVan, 1974

Doug LeVan, 1974

Bruce Spaulding

Paul Moon

David Black Jr.

Kevin Williamson, 1976

Warren Smith, 1976

Mark Leinmiller, 1977

Thomas Butts, 1979

Sid Pass, 1980

Gregory Myers, 1980

John Thornburgh, 1980

Jeffrey Moore, 1980

Bradley Henson, 1980

Timothy Treat, 1981

Bradley Anderson

Tracy Grimes, 1984

Russell Weekly, 1984

Mark Hamon, 1984

Thomas Wilson, 1984

Peter Gess, 1984

Steven McConnell, 1985

Robert Hunt, 1985

Conanley Anderson, 1985

Robert Manahan, 1985

Timothy Thornburgh, 1986

Brian Cook

Roy Whitaker, 1986

William Whitaker, 1986

Martin Schiller III, 1987

Michael Brown, 1987

James Gass, 1988

David Demos, 1988

Cecil Emerson, 1989

Gary Vaughn, 1989

Richard Howle, 1989

Eric Vaughn, 1990

Michael Cates, 1992

Allen Burton, 1992

Leland Johnsen, 1993

James Carroll, 1993

Mathew Harper, 1993

Robert Stone III, 1994

Shane Sprayberry, 1994

Patrick Ogletree, 1995

John Kimmer, 1995

Stephen Johnsen, 1995

Richard Prange, 1995

Brandon Griffin, 1996

Gaston White, 1997

Wesley Bradford, 1997

David Phillips, 1997

Frederick Britton Jr., 1998

Nicholas Hicks, 1998

James Pennington, 1998

Patrick Palmer, 1998

Warren Wright, 1999

Alejandro Gutierrez, 2000

Jeffrey Singleton, 2000

Stephen Holt, 2001

Patrick Corhan, 2002

Benjamin Gaut, 2002

James McDonald, 2002

Christopher Lee, 2003

Shawn Espe, 2003

Blake Wright, 2003

John Gibson, 2003

Brian Geesey, 2003

Evan Ross, 2003

Daniel Thornton Jr., 2003

Steven Costello, 2004

Matthew Harris, 2004

Harrison Smith, 2004

Keegan Coleman, 2005

Carl Teem, 2005

Jason Miller, 2005

Cory Osborne, 2006

Devon Long, 2007

Jason Crawford, 2008

Jonathan Harris, 2008

Steven Pilchard, 2008

Derek Osborne, 2008

Vignesh Narayanaswamy, 2008

Matthew Gordon, 2009

Charlie Honey, 2009

Tyler Whiten, 2010

Meagan Long, 2011

Christopher Bowdich, 2011

John Mason Snuggs III, 2011

Matthew Pilchard, 2012

Kishore Ganesh Karnik, 2012

Devon Bottoms, 2012

Karthik Rao, 2012

Calvin Howard, 2013

Ross Wishnia, 2013

Nate Kelsey, 2014

Joshua Mulhern, 2014

Joshua Richardson, 2014

Joshua Wilson, 2015

Asher Garrett, 2015

Riley Underwood, 2015

Noah Wishnia, 2016

Brandon Dean, 2016

Riley Koontz, 2016

past troop 750 patrols





Flaming Arrows



Troop 750 30th Anniversary Patch (2001)

Troop 750 40th Anniversary Patch (2011)

Scouter's Winter Campout (SWC) 2011 "Training Heroes" Patch (event lead by Scoutmaster Warren L.Wright)

Venture crew 1940

Members of Troop 750 founded Venture Crew 1940 in 2005.  The Crew's program focused on the appreciation and creation of animated projects, in addition to high adventure and camping.  The unit disbanded in 2013, but accomplished much during its run, including a trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch and Walt Disney World.  You can find out more about Crew 1940 by visiting their historical web page.

Ryan talkington ("r.t") Good scout award


Ryan Talkington, affectionately know at "R.T.", joined Troop 750 in March 1993.  He always had a kind word and a way of cheering up anyone feeling blue.  He was a prankster and found humor in anything.

Ryan held many positions with Troop 750 including SPL, but the one position that he will always be remembered for was Troop Guide to our newer Scouts.  No only was he always there when new Scouts needed help, but he was always there when anyone, young or old, needed help.  R.T. was a "Good Scout."

Unfortunately, he moved away to another area of Atlanta before he was able to become an Eagle Scout with Troop 750 and never joined another Boy Scout Troop.  Anytime R.T. visited at a Troop meeting of an Eagle Court of Honor, our bond of friendship was so tight, it was if he never left Troop 750.

Ryan was taken from us tragically in a car accident on I-75 on his way home from work on the first day of a new job in May of 2002 at the young age of 20.

In 2003, some of Troop 750's Scouts that had R.T. as their Troop Guide expressed that they would like R.T.'s memory to live on forever in Troop 750.  

Since R.T. was know for his ability to help our young Scouts as Troop Guide, in his honor and memory and annual "Good Scout Award" is given out to one Scout that was the most helpful to our newer Scouts that year.  The new Scouts determine the recipient of the "Good Scout Award" annually. 


Townsend Briggs, 2003

Blake Wright, 2004

Phillip Thurmond, 2005

Jason Crawford, 2006

Steven Pilchard, 2007

Matthew Pilchard, 2008

Charlie Honey, 2009

Karthik Rao, 2010

Mason Snuggs, 2011

Camdon Wishnia, 2012

Riley Underwood, 2013

Aiden Greer, 2014

Jack Court, 2015